Back Again

I have been a little absent from the blogging world the past couple of months, but now that life seems to be slowing down a bit I plan to get back to it! What has been going on? Of course work has been crazy, as well as farm planning. Also, Texas keeps trying to float away so my riding has been very inconsistent. I was supposed to show last weekend, but couldn’t because of the awful weather all week. In spite of all the inconsistency, Chance has been great on the days I have ridden. I think he is actually happy to work, instead of standing in the rain! Although he was not too happy to be ridden in the rain last week (on the few days I was able to ride), but he powered through it. Even just a year ago, I likely would have been bucked off had I tried to jump him around in the pouring rain; yet he was great! He has come a long way to get to the point where he can do what I want him to do, even though it is the absolute last thing that he wants to do. After a couple of rainy rides, the arena became too wet to ride in until the weekend. Fortunately, it looks like the weather will be good this week and I will actually have a full week of riding. It is awfully hard to keep up a blog about being an equestrian, when I can never ride!

I have some posts planned, and I will also be writing a bit about building a farm this summer, so stay tuned! And rain or shine I do not plan to disappear again! Have a great week, everyone 🙂

~ Laurel


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