A Perfect Ride and Terrible Weather

Yesterday was one of those perfectly magical rides that I never wanted to end. Even with thunder rumbling in the distance when we started jumping, Chance was quiet and we were completely in sync. My eye is improving at the bigger jumps, and he is not building quite so much throughout our courses. We only jumped a few since we were about to lose the weather. After our last line, I circled him to settle the canter and he shook his head and slightly rolled his back as if to say “that was fun, wasn’t I great?!” I once would tense up when he did things like that, but yesterday I just laughed. He wasn’t being naughty, he was simply having fun. I was having fun.

Now I am just hoping to ride again on Sunday. It has rained and rained and rained since yesterday. It stormed all night. There is flooding all around. The farm Chance lives at should be safe from flooding, and my parents’ farm is pretty high as well. It is still disconcerting to have so much flooding in surrounding areas. Hopefully it will clear off tonight! I have never been more ready for the summer sun.


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