S**t Happens

So, Chance and I finally made it to a show last weekend. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it twenty minutes schooling before he bucked me off and high tailed it back to his stall. Needless to say, we didn’t actually show show last weekend. I was fine, but he is just not the type you can push once the devil horse inside him has awoken!

Honestly, I am not so sure he will ever be a show horse. He is a perfect angel at home these days, but take him to a show and he is a total psycho. I do not completely fault him, as I get nervous! But I am not sure that I can ever not be nervous to show a horse that bucks me off at the walk at a show! I am thinking it is time to come up with a plan B for him. I am not angry or upset with him, I am just thinking that maybe he just doesn’t want to show, and I fully believe that horses should have a say in their careers.

As for my fall, it was embarrassing to fall off in front of a bunch of people, but s**t happens. I saw one of the Olympic event riders do a somersault over his horse’s head in the show jumping phase, and I realized that it truly happens to everyone – even Olympians! I can only imagine the sting of falling off at the Olympics, but he got back up and even put the jump back up. S**t happens to us all, we just have to get back up and keep moving forward. I am not sure what that means with Chance right now, but I am sure that everything will work out for us – just maybe not the way I had hoped. And that’s okay.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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