Positive Vibes

You know that moment when you are jumping around, and you are worried about your horse refusing at one of the jumps. Perhaps he or she has had issues with it in the past, or maybe it is a brand new one that he or she has never jumped. Whatever your concern, you go over in your head how you will prevent the eminent refusal attempt. You know you can get him or her over it. You are looking up, have your leg on, and have your horse set up correctly. Yet, as you approach, your horse comes to a screeching halt.

What we have in or heads can directly affect our horses respond to us. What we think, or what we fear, will often play out if we do not shift our thoughts once we step into the irons. This has happened to me so many times. I have completed sabotaged myself because I allowed worry and fear take over my mind. Even thinking about how to prevent a problem, will often cause it to still happen. I have to ride with the mindset that everything will go well. I have to have a constant positive attitude, and then that positive energy flows into Chance.

Thinking about the stop will create the stop. Thinking about the buck will create the buck.

I can’t tell you how it all works, all I know is that when I think positive thoughts as I ride things usually go well. I have to completely shut the possibility of anything going wrong out of my mind. I then can think clearly, and really feel present. Shutting out worry and negativity gets me out of my head when I ride. When I ride with the assumption that nothing will go wrong, I actually ride. Then if something does go wrong, I don’t freeze, I handle it.

A good mindset is absolutely essential for riders, as I have learned the hard way over and over again. Positive vibes can really go a long way.


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