Fall Feistyness

Well, fall is finally visiting Texas this week! Highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s. We better bust out our winter coats!! I could tell in our hack yesterday that Chance was feeling a little feisty. He was good, the fire was just beneath the surface. I know this horse so well now that I can often keep it there! As long as I ride with light hands, and stay in my heels, I can handle his fall friskiness.

Horses sure do love to get a little wild when that first chill in the air arrives. I used to dread this time of year, but I am actually ready for it this year. I am ready for my horse to come back to life. Here in Texas, most horses get a little dull in the summer (who can blame them). Then when October rolls around, the sass comes right with it 😉 But there’s nothing wrong with a little head tossing, right?

I think sometimes we have to remember that our horses are horses. They do not think the way we do, and they are highly sensitive to every little change in the environment. Most horses are not going to be dead quiet as winter creeps in. And that’s okay. They are often wild because they feel good. They are simply more excited about life when it’s not blazing hot out! I think, to a certain extent, we need to let them be. As long as they are not dangerous, we can simply adjust our riding styles to accommodate their extra energy.

So, let’s let our horses be a little wild this fall without trying to force it out of them. They are not robots! Who wants to ride a robot anyway?



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