A Healthy Thanksgiving

I know, I know, who wants to eat healthy on Thanksgiving? It is a holiday, after all. Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean that never splurge; however, it also does not mean that we should gorge ourselves on holidays completely disregarding our health! We are athletes! Our bodies do great things for us, and must be treated with respect if we wish to be able to use them for many years to come. A holiday is not a free pass to stuff ourselves full of bad food.

Here are some tips I have come up with for enjoying Thanksgiving, without completely over-doing it!

  1. Splurge smart – Pick and choose what you wish to splurge on. For example, if you really want dessert go easy on the high carb, fattening entrees. Also, pick and choose what dessert you want to splurge on. You don’t have to eat every pie and cake there is! Pick your favorite!
  2. Eat real food – If you are cooking, cook with natural ingredients and as few ingredients as possible! If you are not cooking, focus on the whole foods (meats, veggies, etc.). You may be eating more calories than normal, but if they are whole foods you will be getting nutrients!
  3. Limit sugar – Again, if you are cooking, don’t add sugar to non-dessert foods, and reduce the sugar in desserts or use healthier options (like coconut sugar, agave, honey, etc.). If you are not the cook, steer clear of the “sweeter” entrees!
  4. Cut down on fat – Healthy oils (olive, coconut) can be used instead of butter in so many dishes! Substitute!
  5. Portion control – Go easy on your portions and try to stay as balanced as possible. Fill your plate with veggies first, then add proteins, and lastly carbs.
  6. Eat slowly – Savor every bite. Don’t just scarf it down and go get seconds, enjoy the flavors and the experience of eating the food. When you eat slowly, you realize when you are full and likely won’t even want seconds!
  7. Enjoy the people – Contrary to popular belief, the holidays are not all about the food! Enjoy the people around you, and the conversations, more than the food. There is more to life than food!
  8. Eat clean before and after – Eat extra clean this week and next week, so you won’t have to feel guilty about indulging a little this week!
  9. Get active – Workout before your festivities begin this Thursday! Use the extra time off of work to get some extra exercise in! And after your Thanksgiving meal, suggest an outdoor activity (weather permitting) with your family. Play a game of football instead of watching one. Play with the kids. Just move a little!
  10. Limit leftovers – If you are cooking, try not to over-do it to the point that you will have leftovers for the next month. If you are not the cook, take home only enough for one meal, and no more! You don’t need to re-live Thanksgiving all next week 😉

Let’s make it a healthy Thanksgiving this week! Also, if you are feeling a little stuffed after jump in my Fit for the Holidays group that starts next week! Email laurelashtonwalker@gmail.com for more information!

You totally don’t have to eat a vegetarian/vegan Thanksgiving meal, it’s just my preference 🙂

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