Update on Chance

If you follow me on my other social media accounts, you have probably seen that Chance is finally back in work! It has been a long couple of months, but he seems to be doing okay!

We even “jumped” the other day. By “jumped,” I mean we trotted a tiny trot jump and some ground rails. If you have been following our story for any length of time, you know that he can be quite feisty when he has had time off – and he is also prone to forgetting all of his years of training.

We began at the ground rails, a line of I think five. He trotted nicely over the first three then leaped  over the last two in typical Chance fashion. After a couple of tries, he became a little less ambitious and trotted them like a normal horse.

Then came the trot jump…

After a couple of dramatic refusals, he went over it – tossing his head and rolling his back on the backside of course. He eventually settled into it. It might be a while before we are jumping courses again though, but I am just happy to have him back in work! He will eventually act his age again ;).

We will be treating his ulcers, to hopefully rid him of them so that he will not continue to have problems periodically. Not only do I love to keep him in work, but I also cannot stand it when he isn’t feeling well. I want him to be happy and healthy for a very long time. 🙂


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