Just a Few Thanksgiving Fitness Tips

Yesterday, I gave you some tips for eating healthy this week. Today, I am going to give you tips for keeping up with your fitness! You likely have some time off of work or school this week, so you have no excuse! You don’t want to be sluggish and blahh for your horse next week, do you?!

Of course not! We are athletes. We must take care of ourselves like the athletes of other sports do. As equestrians, we are always claiming that the horse does not do all the work. Yet, so many riders do not care for themselves. In order for the horse to not do most of the work, we have to be fit. We cannot neglect our fitness just because it is a holiday.

Working out doesn’t always have to mean hitting the gym, or a yoga class. Heck, I do the majority of my workouts with DVDs, online streaming, and playing outside. I also am not saying that you need to kill yourself this week. Take it easy, just don’t take it off! My plan for this week is lots of yoga! I am going through Beachbody’s new yoga program, and adding in my own practice as well. I may do other stuff too, we shall see. Since Chance is back to jumping after a long break, he is little wild. I need to be as relaxed and focused as possible when I ride him, to help him keep it together. Yoga really helps me with that.

Now, for the tips!

  1.  Make a plan – Have a game plan for this week. Create a schedule. Know what you are going to do, and when you are going to do it. I am planning to focus on yoga, and I also plan to exercise every day this week except Sunday.
  2. Get it done first thing – Working out first thing, before you have had time to eat too much or get caught up in the festivities, will really help with consistency. Also, you will fell better during the day; you will be in a better mood, have more energy, and be less likely to go crazy on food!
  3. Get an accountability buddy – Have a friend or family member commit to exercising with you. Or, just tell someone when you plan to work out. If you know someone else is expecting you to exercise, you will be more likely to follow through.
  4. Suggest active, or outdoor activities, when you are hanging with the family – Instead of parking on the couch after Thanksgiving dinner, why not go outside?! Suggest a walk, hike, or a game of some sort. Just try to get moving!


It is so easy to fall off track this time of year. Why do you think gyms are so crazy crowded come January?! But the thing is, we don’t have to fall off track just because it is a holiday. We can enjoy Thanksgiving without letting our fitness fall by the way-side. Our horses will thank us!

For more information on my Fit for the Holidays accountability group, email laurelashtonwalker@gmail.com

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