Fitness for Equestrians

It’s a new year, thus the perfect time to start working on those health/fitness goals, as well as our riding goals! Do you want 2017 to be the year you become a better YOU?! The year you get stronger, faster, and more athletic?! Do you have big riding goals this year?! I am opening up a four week accountability group January 23rd, specifically for EQUESTRIANS!!
As riders, we so often tend to focus more on our horses’ health and fitness than our own. But we are athletes too! And we become better athletes when we treat ourselves like it! Strength, quick reflexes, body control, flexibility, cardiovascular health, and balance are all essential in this sport. Also, muscle cushions falls.
I have been riding horses for over 15 years, and consistently focusing on my fitness – as well as my horses’ – has helped me to ride better, avoid aches and pains, deal with nerves, and evade injuries when the inevitable happens!
What you get when you sign up:
  •  Health/fitness tips specific to equestrians
  • Accountablity in a private Facebook group
  • Private and personalized coaching from me
  • Your choice of hundreds of fitness programs
  • Meal plan
Send me an email at if you would like more details!
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