The Down-Side of Texas Winters

Wind. Rain.

And so much of it!

Sure, we may luck out in the temperature department. It freezes a handful of times each season, and snows every once in a blue moon, but it rains and rains and rains. Then on the days it does not rain, we have crazy wind. With all of the trees, crazy wind does not make for productive or safe rides.

My trainer texted me this morning saying that it was too nasty out for a ride. I figured, since I could hear the wind whipping around my house. Chance has been so good that I do not think an extra day off will do too much harm, but I would like to get our consistency back! He thrives on consistency, and a regular schedule! This time of year definitely makes that difficult. I really would not mind winter if it didn’t mess with my riding schedule! I like the cold, Christmas, and winter clothes (I hoard sweaters!). I just do not like the gloominess, being stuck inside, and having to miss rides.

But this season will not last forever. Before we know it, it will be 100 degrees out and wind will be a distance memory.


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