Rain Wind and Sunshine

January in Texas is always interesting. Last week, we had nonstop rain. I thought it would never end. Then, when it finally cleared off by Sunday we had the craziest wind I have ever experienced in this part of Texas! I went out to give Chance a groom, and I literally though we were going to blow away. He was surprisingly relaxed about it. I think I was more spooked by the barn shaking than he was.

Thankfully, the wind dried out the ring so we were able to go back to work today. It’s funny how nature works so perfectly sometimes! Today was absolutely beautiful. Not too hot, not too cold, and not a cloud in sight. Since Chance had been off for about ten days, due to getting vet work done followed by the week of monsoons, I stuck him on the lunge line for a few minutes. I kept waiting for the bucking, head tossing, and fire breathing to happened but it never did. He politely trotted and cantered around on the lunge line as if to say, “see, I’m gonna be good.” I hopped on him, and had a pretty good hack! I think he is finally growing up, and not having those pesky ulcers bothering him helps too I’m sure. We should be able to go back to jumping this week, so hopefully I will have stories to post about. 😉

I hope you all have a great week! And I hope the weather is good for you, wherever you are!


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