Daily Devotion

I used to say I was a Christian, yet I rarely opened the Bible or went to church. Sure, I prayed before I fell asleep at night and believed that Jesus died to save us from our sins, but I didn’t really try to know Him – or His plan for my life. I was more focused on riding, work, and myself.

But one morning, a few years ago, I decided to read in my Bible while I drank my coffee instead of browsing Pinterest. I had learned to read scripture, and have a devotional time first thing, years before from a church I went to while I was at one of my many colleges. I had fallen out of the habit though. I don’t remember what exactly made me pick up my Bible that day, and decide to develop the habit once again. But somehow I have never really stopped.

This habit has really helped me to grow, and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. And that is what being a Christian is about. For having a relationship with Christ changes everything. No matter how much I have to do in a day, Jesus must come first!

Do you have a daily devotional time, or a spiritual practice?


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