I’m Back!

Why hello there!

It sure has been a while! Life has been crazy lately, but what can ya do? As you can probably seen, I have been doing a little renovating on this blog. I like to change up the look every year, and this year I am thinking about incorporating more of my life into this blog. Equestrian is more than a sport, or a hobby, it is a way of life – and I think incorporating more of my lifestyle will be fun!

I have pretty much revolved my entire life around horses since I was fifteen years old. My experiences with horses have led me to where I am today, and influenced almost every major decision I have  made. Horses are a big reason why I have the jobs that I have, and live in the area I live. I want to invite all of you to know more about me than my barn days!

It’s a new year, and nearly a new season, so it is a great time to change things up! I hope you all have a great week!

~ Laurel


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