Let’s Eat Clean Together!

Do you struggle with eating healthy? Are you confused by all the diets and health fads out there?

I used to be super strict with my diet. I thought that being “healthy” meant I had to follow a ton of rules, and never stray from them. I was caught up in certain labels, and ways of eating. There are so many different ways of eating these days that it can be very overwhelming. I have learned though that eating well does not have to be complicated, or super restrictive. There are certain things I don’t eat due to health issues, but I honestly do not find my diet to be restrictive at all these days! You don’t have to cut out all carbs, or go vegan (unless you want to of course!), or follow the latest diet to get healthier. Healthy eating can be simple, delicious, and even fun! It’s not about rules, it’s about eating foods that make you FEEL GOOD from the inside out!

Join me next Wednesday (March 8th) for a FREE 5 Day Clean Eating Jump-Start! I will be sharing tips, recipes, and advice for eating clean, healthy foods that nourish your body and give you the energy and vitality you need to take on life! We all need all the energy we can get for our horses, after all!

Send me an email at laurelashtonwalker@gmail.com, or message me on Facebook, for more information!

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