On the Mend… Hopefully!


As you know, if you have been following me for a while, that my horse Chance has had some time off due to soundness issues that we couldn’t figure out. I honestly thought that his working days might just be over.

The past couple of months, he lost a ton of muscle – far more than what would be normal for a horse not working (and living in a pasture). So, of course he was examined by the vet – and had blood drawn. He was diagnosed with EPM. He was tested last winter, as he had some muscle loss along his top-line, but it was negative; and after the spring grass came in, he started looking and acting better. Maybe having time off allowed his illness to come to the surface. Who knows! I think that, like humans, horses’ bodies can be mysterious.

Honestly, I am a bit relieved to finally know what is wrong; and that it is something that can be treated. He started on his medicine over the weekend, and I hope that he can go back to work once he finishes his treatment. However, if he can’t he still always has a home with me!



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