Keep Showing Up


I truly believe that the biggest thing separating success from failure is showing up! Whether it is showing up for your workouts, your riding, or even that business idea you, show up every day!

And keep showing up every day even when you don’t see results right away!

It takes time for your body to change when you are working through a new fitness routine. It takes time to build a business. It takes time to train a horse – or to improve your riding. Results will never come if you don’t try though. You can’t improve if you don’t show up.

With all that I have going on right now between building this farm, working multiple jobs, running a business, my horse being sick, and being dedicated to my health, it is HARD to show up for my priorities every day. It is tough to show up every day to work on my coaching business when it is not my primary source of income (yet). It is tough to get in a workout every day, and prepare good meals. It is tough to show up for myself!! And yes, these are things that I do for myself! My coaching business will help me to have more freedom in the future, and my health… Well, what is the point of having anything if I don’t have my health?! I have to make a choice every day to show up for myself, and for my dreams. I have to be intentional.

It is so easy to let life knock us off course, and distract you from your goals. Believe me, I know! But we all have the same 24 hours in a day, the difference is in how we use them! We can use them to work on our goals and priorities, or we can let them get away from us! It really comes down to a choice. The choice to make it happen. The choice to show up!

What are you going to show up for this week?


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