Work Hard and Toughen Up


We get what we work for! There are very few shortcuts in life, and a whole lot of setbacks! But it is amazing what can be accomplished when we let go of excuses, put our heads down and work!

I used to be a terrible student, and I always had an excuse for it. I worked, the teachers weren’t any good, the class was pointless. You name it! This past semester though, I didn’t do that! I didn’t let myself make any excuses for not putting in 100%. I worked hard, and I had the best semester of my life! I had some hard classes, and setbacks, but I kept going and met my goals!

Sometimes we have to toughen up in order to accomplish what we want.

The same can be said for riding horses. We face setbacks like horses not being able to do what we want, or getting injured. We may struggle financially to keep going. We may be forced to take time off. I spent much of last year feeling sorry for myself because my horse wasn’t able to work. But really, it’s just a setback like any other. Even though my riding has been put on pause, I am working on other things that will allow me to re-start again in the near future. When I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and accepted my reality, I was able to find solutions. I am not going to go into detail on that, just yet, as I am still working some things out. 😉

My point though, is that we can always find a way to move forward, no matter what life throws our way. We just have to toughen up, work hard, and stop making excuses!


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