Well Hi There

It has been a while. A long while. Between school, work, and life I just haven’t had much time for blogging. I also haven’t had much time for the horses. And how can I keep up a horse blog when I’m not doing much with horses? Sure, this blog is somewhat of a “lifestyle” blog – whatever that means – but it began as a horse blog. That is what it is at the core.


I can’t even remember the last time I rode. Not too long ago, I began wondering if I even still want to ride anymore. Do I even miss it? What’s the point? For the first time in nearly two decades, I questioned whether or not I still wanted to keep at this horse thing. I felt burnt out. Tired. I finally had horses right outside my door, and they felt more like a burden than a source of joy as they always had in the past. If felt like my passion was just gone.

But then school ended for the summer, and life calmed down. I had time to breathe. To think. I started spending time with them. I started hanging around the pasture after feeding, instead of rushing back to the house. I started actually petting and loving on them when I went out for night check. I just paid more attention to them. And I’ve started to feel that spark of passion creep back in.

Maybe the things we love aren’t always easy for us to keep up with. Maybe we have to work at it. I am hoping to put Chance back to work this summer, I think he is finally ready. I don’t know what my future with horses looks like, but I do know that horses will be in my future.

“Take time to do what makes your soul happy.”



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