Happy Monday! What Are You Doing For You This Week?


Whoo hoo, we’ve finally had some good sunshine last week! Which, of course, means that I had decent lighting for my post-run selfies! 😉

Last week was kind of crazy. I waited until the last minute to start studying for a Nutrition exam, so I of course just about wore myself out cramming for it! It definitely wasn’t my best plan! Needless to say, by the time Thursday rolled around, I was exhausted. So I had a slow morning then ran a couple miles, and lifted! I was even able to run up a hill that I’ve been having to walk up. Granted, I did have to walk for minute at the top. But hey, it’s progress right?! Note to self: don’t take a year off of running…. After getting a little extra rest, and taking some time for a workout, I came back to life. I caught up on farm work over the weekend, and studied a lot of course!

We are all busy! But we can’t get so busy that we forget to make for ourselves. Not making time for rest, exercise, and healthy eating will cause everything else to crumble. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true. How can you take care of everything you have to do in life, if you can’t take care of you? Don’t be the last thing on your to-do list! Take care of yourself, so that you can better take care of the all the things you need to take care of. I have struggled a lot with this since school started back. It’s so hard to make time for my workouts, and cook healthy meals when I have to study so much. And I am so not exaggerating the studying! I mean having to memorize 180 bones kind of studying! I have plenty of excuses to not make my physical, mental, and emotional health a priority. But, I can’t let myself make excuses because I also don’t have time to feel bad! I don’t have time for low energy, grumpy moods, and feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. I have bones to learn, for goodness sake!

My point of this post is to encourage you to take time for yourself this week! Don’t put yourself last! Do what you need to do to rest and recharge. You deserve to feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally! You deserve to be a priority!! I hope you all have a great week!

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