We’re Actually Doing It

I have been saying FOREVER that I am going to get Chance working again after his super long hiatus. But here’s the thing, when you take a long time off of something it is so hard to get back to it – even if it’s something you love. I got used to not working horses. It just hasn’t been a part of my routine for almost two years now. So, it’s been something I have been putting off and off.

But today, Chance is two lunges into working again! He has been doing great too! I am just hoping he stays sound….. Fingers crossed!

I don’t really have a specific plan for getting him back into work, I am just trying to get him fit and his mind steady. We have been lunging out in the pasture, mostly walking and trotting. He has been pretty good about paying attention to me, and staying quiet. I am not in a hurry to get him to a specific point or anything, I’m just kind of letting him tell me what he’s ready for. And well, if he doesn’t stay sound this time he will just officially retire. But we are just gonna have to wait and see!



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