Flynn Rider The Horse

“I don’t want the perfect horse. I want the right horse.” – Amy Fleming, Heartland Season 13

Flynn Rider the horse. That quote about sums it up. He’s not the fancy 3’6″ warmblood like I used to dream about, but he has one of the best minds and sweetest souls I’ve seen in a long time.

What are my plans for this guy?

#1 Have fun! I see a lot of potential in him being able to do different things. He has potential to be a cute hunter, and I also think he could be sweet trail horse too! He may enjoy bareback riding too, I plan to try that when I get home!

#2 Learn! I plan to work on my horse training, and horsemanship, skills since he’s a greenie. Riding green horses back in the day taught me so much, and turned me into a pretty strong rider. I’d like to get that back!

#3 Go with the flow and see where things go! Like I said, I think he could go in different directions and I believe in letting my horses choose their own path. I want to see what he likes doing, and what makes him thrive!


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