Not Enough Energy to Workout?

Do you have enough energy to workout?
The responses to a poll on my Instagram story a couple weeks ago inspired this post! If you don’t have the energy to workout (and are not struggling with health issues), ask yourself a few questions:
1. Am I getting enough sleep?
2. How is my nutrition?
3. Am I under stress?
It goes without saying that if you aren’t getting enough sleep, you won’t have much energy for much of anything. If you are sleep deprived, that could very well be why you do not have the energy to workout. If this is the case, work on getting more sleep!
Nutrition drastically affects our energy levels. Are you making healthy food choices? Are you eating enough for you activity level? Are you eating a balanced diet? Imbalances or deficiencies in your diet could be keeping your energy low. Getting blood-work done to check for deficiencies is always a good idea if your energy is low too.
Now let’s talk about stress! Stress can suck the life right out of us! It can also cause us to not get enough sleep, and choose quick and easy food options instead of making healthy choices. If you are under an excessive amount of stress, is there anything you can do about it? Is there anything that could come off your plate? Also, I have to add that working out is a major stress reliever!
Along with relieving stress, working out can boost our energy levels! Sometimes you just have to force yourself to do it for a few weeks until you start to feel the benefits! Personally, I usually have to drink a pre-workout or coffee to give me a boost before working out. But I always feel better after I just get it done!

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