Back to Basics

As I mentioned in last week’s blog A Big Move , I have been taking lessons with Flynn. This is probably the first time I have taken lessons in four years, and they sure have been humbling! After taking a couple of years off of riding, and coming back on my own, I have picked up a lot of bad habits. I also lost confidence, and turned back into the timid rider I was as a kid. Being back at a boarding facility, it was just a good time to get back into training. I am also planning to get back into showing next year after I finish school.

Getting back into taking lessons has definitely brought up a lot of things I need to work on! My body does not always do what my mind wants it to. It’s like I am doing all of the right things in my mind, but my body isn’t. I have heard that can be the case after a break from riding. There are so many things that became second nature after all my years of riding, but I have had to re-learn them in a sense. So, I have been going back to the basics. I have been working a lot on my position and equitation, as well as simple things like bending, circling, and so on. The basics are what set you up well for the fun stuff like jumping though!

Besides a little hiccup/temper tantrum this morning, Flynn has been doing great in our lessons! He is learning too, and seems to really enjoy learning. He seems to be enjoying working more, and harder. We have been making progress each week.

I am also working on my fitness. Over the past year, I have had my fitness on the back-burner – which certainly doesn’t help my riding. I have mostly been running; however, this week I am adding in a little more strength training. Getting back in shape should help me to get better control over my body, and improve my position.

Going back the the basics has been tough, and humbling, but it will set me up for the future and making a comeback with my riding! Taking the time this summer to work on my riding, and getting back in shape, has already been making a big difference! And my plan is to keep this blog updated along the way. Stay tuned, and here is a little clip of one of our recent rides below!


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