A Way of Life

Horses are a way of life.

They aren’t just a hobby.

This isn’t just a sport.

Being a horse person is a lifestyle. We have horses in our blood. Sometimes it feels like this lifestyle chose me. I always knew I would have horses. I have always kept journals, since I was a kid, and I have found where I wrote about how I would have a horse farm one day so that I could help retired racehorses. These lofty dreams were before I even took riding lessons.

When I did start riding, I was really hooked. And even more so once I owned my own horses.

I used to be hooked on the horse show life, but it is hard to do full out while also keeping my horses long term – without a trust fund. My horses are not pieces of equipment to help me reach competitive goals. They are family members.

This equestrian lifestyle isn’t easy. I am busier than most people because I have two large animals to care for and spend time with. I also spend a lot of time stressing out about their care. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. This lifestyle chose me. Horses are in my blood. They are a part of who I am. And they always will be.


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