Friday Fitness Tip: Have Fun!

Happy Friday everyone!!

As many of you know, fitness is a big passion of mine! I also believe that a consistent fitness routine is part of being a good rider and horse person! Exercise keeps us strong, protects us from injury, keeps us in control over our bodies, and also keeps us in control over our emotions (which is vital when working with such sensitive creatures). So, I am thinking of starting a “Friday Fitness Tip” post. What do y’all think about a weekly fitness tip? I am choosing Friday because it is much harder to stay on track with health and fitness on the weekend for many (myself included). Our schedules can be different, and there is more temptation to eat bad, or just be lazy.

My first Friday fitness tip is to HAVE FUN! Working out doesn’t have to be a drag. Find a workout, or physical activity (besides riding horses) that you enjoy. Personally, I love running, yoga, Piyo, hiking, and even fun dance workouts like Country Heat (a new Beachbody program). I also love anything in the water: water skiing, swimming, paddle-boarding. All of these things count as exercise! You don’t have to slave away in the gym to get fit. I find that I get better results doing workouts and activities that I enjoy than when I used to go to the gym all the time.

So go and do something you enjoy this weekend! Whether it’s a hike, a long walk, a game of tennis, or hey maybe you do love the gym and that’s great too :). Just get active, and HAVE FUN!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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