A Perfect Ride

It has been raining like crazy all day today, so there was no riding. Instead, I am just reminiscing about yesterday’s ride. Chance was pretty much perfect, and after the past couple of months, I just want to soak it up.

I expected him to be wild, since it was cold out, but he was calm and slick like any seasoned hunter! We started out trotting a couple of little jumps. Then we trotted in, cantered out, of a couple of lines. Since he tends to get very wild when he has not been jumping regularly, I like to keep in more controlled situations. Trotting jump, then cantering, then going back to the trot really helps to prevent him from building too much.

We finished on a 2’9″-3′ single, and he got a beautiful lead change afterward.

I think that he is happy to be jumping again, and feeling much better. I am happy to have him back, and I am hoping that he keeps up with this perfect hunter thing this winter!


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