Letting Go of Perfection

A trainer I had used to say that we never perfect this sport, which is why it is so addictive. That has stuck with me year after year. I can be a bit of perfectionist about things. When I am working I want to do everything absolutely perfectly. When I clean my house, it must be spotless. When I write these posts, they must be flawless. And when I ride… Well, yes I want everything to be perfect.

But the truth is, perfection is unattainable. I have found that there are times when I must let go of my need to do everything perfectly. Striving for excellence is a great thing, but when it causes us anxiety and stress it actually becomes a hindrance to success.

If I never hit publish on this posts, they are never seen. My voice is never heard. If I never took a bad distance at a jump, or ride on an “off” day, I would never have learned anything. If I am constantly on top of my horse about absolutely everything, he does not enjoy his job – or me. I have found that some of the best rides were the ones in which I completely let go of expectations and just had fun. 

Wanting to do things perfectly is not the worst quality, but it sometimes causes us to refrain from taking chances. Taking chances, just going for it, and getting out of our heads is how we really learn! At least with horses!


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