Sunshine At last

The sun came out yesterday, the rain stopped (for now), and it was a beautiful morning at the barn! Chance was lazy. But, at least he wasn’t wild – which I expected after three days off and less turnout time – with the rain. My trainer said he ran around in the pasture quite a bit when she was finally able to put the horses out! I am glad he got it out of his system before I rode! Hopefully, today will go just as well.

It is getting really cold later this week, which is kind of exciting! I don’t mind the cold when the sun is out, and it is not too windy or wet – which is very rare in Texas this time of year. As long as I can go outside, I’m good. I hate being stuck inside like I was over the weekend. Rainy weeks always make me very grateful that my job(s) do not require me to be chained to a desk, under artificial light, all day every day. I need the great outdoors! And I need to ride! That is how I stay say sane. Being a real estate agent/fitness coach definitely has its perks. Life is too short to spend it inside, or without horses.

I am looking forward to (hopefully) having a full week of riding. It seems that things keep preventing that lately. Between Chance losing his shoe, and the rain, I only rode him a few times last week. As long as he stays quiet, I will not complain too much!



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