Be Powerful

You know what feels amazing? Being strong!

Growing up, I was never athletic. I always was the worst kid at tag, or hide and seek. I never won races. I didn’t play sports. I was a petite ballet dancer as a kid. Though I was feisty as hell, I remember the neighbor kids always considered me the weak link when we were playing games.

Now? I may still be pretty small, but anyone who knows me knows that I am anything but weak!

I guess you could say that horses toughened me up a bit. When I got my first horse at fifteen, I began riding five days a week. I remember looking in the mirror and seeing that I had bicep muscles. I started to get stronger, but I still didn’t feel strong enough to really ride well – since I was petite. I began exploring fitness because I wanted to ride better. I wanted to be able to control my horse, and stick with him over bigger jumps. I wanted to be able to survive “no stirrup” lessons. I wanted to be strong. It took me a while to realize that the physical strength I began developing gave me mental strength as well. Fitness has not just changed my body, but my whole life!

Over the years, I have felt weak from time to time. Whether it was in my riding life, dealing with health issues, or just struggling with this or that in my life. Fitness has always helped me through those moments! Fitness has made me strong, fast, and athletic. It has also helped through those moments when I just wanted to give up. Being fit makes me feel POWERFUL! Like I can do anything!

So, I encourage YOU to workout today and really push yourself! Whether it’s in running an extra mile, or lifting a heavier weight, do something today that will make you feel POWERFUL because you are!! You can do anything!


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