Update on Chance


Chance has been off for six whole months now. I can’t believe that it has been so long. As I wrote, in On the Mend… Hopefully!he was diagnosed with EPM and we were going to treat him. Well, he has finished his medicine and we are planning to try putting him back to work in September. He has begun to get a little muscle back! His face looks better, and his booty is a little rounder! I am hoping and praying that he will be sound when we put him on the lunge line.

I am thinking that will not be happening this coming week though, as Hurricane Harvey is currently causing torrential downpours. I am pretty far inland so, as of right now, we are okay; there is just so much rain that I figure it will take a while to dry out once it lets up!

I don’t really know what our future holds. I just hope that he keeps getting better. It has been a long road, but hopefully there will be a happy ending for us. I definitely miss riding my wild child of a horse. He certainly will be pretty wild, after six months off, I am sure. Even though I am fairly certain that the EPM caused a lot of his poor behavior earlier this year, he is definitely no saint! I am expecting some fire when he starts getting back in shape, so I hope to get him going before we start getting actual cold fronts!




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