Shift Shop


I am right in the middle of one of Beachbody’s newest workout programs, Shift Shop! Think agility drills, and killer cardio, with weight training. It’s tough so far, but I am already feeling (and seeing) results!

There are two rounds in the calendar, each three weeks. The workouts increase in time each week, and build on each other. I am currently in week 2! I haven’t lifted in a little while, but I am already starting to up my weights a tad and the cardio is out of control!

Round 1:

Week 1 – 25 minute workouts

Week 2 – 35 minute workouts

Week 3 – 45 min workouts

I am not following the meal plan completely to a T, since it is pretty low carb and I don’t like to cut my carbs too much since my diet is pretty limited already with my gluten and dairy allergies! Besides being low carb, the meal plan is great! I am working on eating more, smaller meals, throughout the day; and eating breakfast! I really love having somewhat of plan to follow, it takes the guesswork out of what to eat each day. I also find that my diet stays more in balance when I follow the Beachbody plans, and I have more energy which is always fabulous!

I am also keeping up my yoga practice. I always try to practice for at least ten minutes after a workout, as it really helps with soreness and recovery! I also think that it is so important to continue working on flexibility while also increasing strength! It makes for a more balanced body, and flexibility really gives muscles greater strength potential!

So, that is just a summary of what I am doing right now! I would love to hear what y’all do for fitness! Comment below! Also, if you are at all interested in this program send me an email at!


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