Don’t Sell Your Horse Short

I was a little intimidated getting back into the hunter jumper world. My horse isn’t fancy. He’s an off the track thoroughbred. He’s not a warmblood. He is not a made hunter, but still learning. You know what though, he gets so many compliments at the barn and he has been making so much progress in his training showing. He is starting to blossom, and shine.

He gets complimented on his manners, his look, how he moves! Just because a horse didn’t have a six figure price tag doesn’t mean it’s not a good horse. Just because it isn’t a warmblood doesn’t mean that it can’t accomplish a lot in the hunter jumper world. It is so easy to get caught up in what our horses are not, instead of focusing on all that they are. Flynn is a sweet, quiet, and talented hunter prospect. Not to mention the fact that me working on my own riding has made a huge difference. Me giving him better direction is bringing out even more potential in him.

I am so proud of his progress. A year ago, we couldn’t canter a circle. Now, our circles are getting pretty dang nice! A few months ago, I couldn’t get him on the bit and today he was getting on it on his own. Sure, it took work to keep him there but hey it is progress! I could get hung up on the fact that we have never jumped a course, and don’t have our lead changes. Or I could be proud of how far we have come. We are both coming back from hiatuses, and setbacks, and we are in this together. I think I feel such a connection to Flynn because we really do have a lot in common. We have experienced failures and hardships, and come out the other side of them.

Do I think we’ll be in Paris in 2024? Definitely not! But that does not mean that this boy is not talented, with the capabilities to be a fabulous horse! It is my job to help bring it all out so that he can reach his potential!


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