Relationships and Goals

My journey with Flynn so far has been very different from the other horses I have had. Typically, when I would get a new horse I had a specific goal in mind – showing, re-selling, etc. My approach toward riding and training was about a achieving that goal, and bonding along the way. When I got Flynn last year, I didn’t have a specific goal so my focus was on bonding with him first. And just a year in, and I feel we have a closer relationship than I have had with other horses.

Of course Chance and I have a bond, it is impossible not to when I have owned him for nearly ten years. But a year in, we did not. I was more goal and training oriented back then. Over the years, we developed a close bond through training, riding, and showing. I had similar experiences with my previous horses, as well.

However, with Flynn, our whole first year together was about developing a relationship. I really feel that is why we have improved so quickly since taking lessons. It hasn’t all been fun and games though. Not having a specific goal allowed us be a little lazy about things, and we have definitely picked up some bad habits! So, goals are not a bad thing at all. It has just been interesting to develop our relationship before setting goals.

I still am working on specific goals for us. I want to show him at some point, but I don’t have a timeline yet, just next year sometime when I am finished with nursing school. I know I need to get a little more specific, but it has been nice to not have so much pressure on myself and Flynn. Owning horses is such a journey. Each one has something different to teach us, and each relationship is different. I don’t think that there is one set way to be an equestrian. Some of us show, some of trail ride, and some us (like me right now) are just going with the flow and trying to improve!


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