When Times Get Tough: Go For A Ride

I don't think that anyone can deny that the past couple of years have been tough, collectively. 2020 really turned our whole world upside down. Along with that, there are always struggles in life no matter what else is going on in the world. Loss, heartbreak, failure, stress. These are things most of us have …

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Owning A Horse With A History of Abuse

Today I wanted to share a little bit about my horse, Flynn, and my experiences with owning a previously abused horse. I have found that it is different to own a horse with baggage, and sometimes a different approach is needed - along with a lot of patience! I got Flynn last May. He is …

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Inauthenticity Sells

You know what’s funny? How people are always complaining about how social media is a highlight reel, and all fake. But look at popular accounts.They tend to have perfectly edited photos, a perfectly curated aesthetic, and perfectly written captions! Inauthenticity sells! We complain about it, but just keep on giving it traction!  Okay, maybe many of …

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